Ellie – Black-Billed Amazon



Ellie – Black-Billed Amazon

Buy Ellie – Black-billed Amazon Parrot Online USA. The black-billed amazon (Amazona agilis) is a parrot endemic to Jamaica. Sometimes called the black-billed parrot, this amazon parrot is mostly green with small patches of red on the wing and sometimes flecked on the head.

Its bill makes it easy to separate from most other amazons, including the yellow-billed amazon, which also lives in Jamaica. It is the smallest Amazona parrot at 25 cm. This parrot is smaller than the yellow-billed amazon and measures between 10.5 and 11.5 inches (27 and 29 centimeters).

In males, the bill is very dark grey, almost black, becoming paler towards the base. The cere is very dark grey, as is the skin around the eyes, and the iris is dark brown. This bird’s plumage is predominantly green, paler, and more yellowish on the underparts.


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