Buy Albino Indian Ringneck Parakeet



Buy Albino Indian Ringneck Parakeet

Buy Albino Indian Ringneck Parakeet Online USA. The Indian ring-necked parakeet (Psittacula Krameri manillensis), is also called the rose-ringed parakeet. The Albino Indian Ringneck is white in coloring.

Temperament:  Indian Ringnecks are curious and active parakeets, who may get bored easily if left alone. Because these ring-necked parakeets have powerful jaws, providing interesting toys and cage accessories for these playful parakeets is beneficial. While these birds are “nippy” and go through a “bluffing” stage in their adolescence, with proper training and handling, pet parakeets make good companion pets. Indian Ringneck Parakeets are smart birds and are desired amongst bird enthusiasts. They have a high-pitched yet sweet voice. These parakeets enjoy daily attention and can be taught to talk.

Diet: We highly recommend keeping your new Ringneck on the same diet it is currently being fed with us for the first 30 days while it acclimates to its new home. Your Indian Ringneck is fed a 50/50 blend of our hand-mixed Lovebird/Conure Seed and Goldenfeast Australian Blend, along with Dried Egg Food. They should always be given a variety of fresh fruits, vegetables, and proteins daily in addition to their regular diet.


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